Grand Eminent Award (GEA) 2016

GRandEMinent Award (GEA) is the most prestigious award value of great importance recognition award to celebrate Youths, Personalities and Entertainers that standout in their various fields. GEA is also geared towards projecting excellence and giving support to young emerging and creative talents in Africa.     




  • To create an avenue for unity, peace and love among Africans. 
  • To further expose African Youths, Personalities and Entertainers internationally.
  • To encourage competitive excellence among Youths, Personalities and Entertainers in various fields.
  • To continually be the best platform of encouraging Youths, Personalities and Entertainers across Africa.  

  MISSION: To continually honor distinguished Youths, Personalities and Entertainers that has contributed to the growth and development of entertainment in Africa.  



  ‎VISION: Our vision is to be the biggest Entertainment Awards organization in Africa.


Awarded For: Value of Great Importance recognition award to celebrate Youths, Personalities and Entertainers across Africa.

Country: Nigeria

First Award: 15th, August 2015

Presented by: GRandEMinent Entertainment

Official website: grandeminent.org


The image of the GRandEMinent Award plaque was created and drawn by YOMILAT STUDIO. It was plated with 21 carat gold.



The winners of each Category are announced on the night of the event during the live broadcast. The ceremony also show cases Africa’s best performance.


VISIT http://www.grandeminent.org to know more about the Award Ceremony.




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