You Determine What Your Problems Do To You! Part I by @KingJoseph_1

Someone once asked me if I even cry at all, coz he hasn’t seen me do that for so many years that he as known me, and I smiled without a word. Sighs…but the truth is this; even words do cry when things go wrong around or in the country. Even the rich cries when things fall apart.
Even the strongest man cries when he feels defeated by a situation or something.

Even Jesus Christ of Nazareth wept!

#KingJoseph also cries! be it silently or loudly when things touch him so much, but you wouldn’t know or hears him except you’re there with him at that corner of his room. I just don’t let things weigh me down for too long or in most cases at all.

I learnt positive lessons from every problems that I encounter in life. In most cases, I try as hard as possible to calm myself down after every each challenge/problem; I’m a deeper Thinker, a fast Reasoner and a solution Finder. I look deeper into a situation and think faster on what it is to learn from it positively. I just don’t let a problem come and just take an advantage of me without me also learning/gaining something even much more better from it…

According to Robert H. Schuller; “Tough times don’t last. Tough people do”!

And according to King Joseph; “You are what you allow your problems make you to be…”

To be continued…


Am a Computer Engr./Instructor,Fashion/Graphic Designer...Song Writer,Composer and Performer. I love my bloods & waters. Follow me on Social Media @amlekham

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